All this is just the beginning of the cartoon

It just cuts to Daffy walking. He was not part of the pan, it's a jump cut that you would ever notice.

This walk is rife with tension, animated by Izzy Ellis. It's a double bounce - which is usually used to make a character seem happy. Something about this walk though is anything but bubbly or happy.

It seems like Daffy was expecting the world to come to an end.

And Daffy looked so different . He was more angular, scrawny and his poses were dynamic and really communicated what he was feeling - new more specific feelings. He's waiting for something that must be more important than life itself. What was it?

More great poses!

Look at how clear and stark his poses were. Like a caricature of the cartoon principles of silhouettes, line of action, anticipations etc.

I love this action that really accentuates the dialogue.

It's amazing how Clampett coordinated all his talents to contribute to the unique intense feelings you only feel in his cartoons.

"Why don't he get here?" Listen to how the voice and music work together perfectly here.

This head shake is great too.

My eyes were bugging out of my head watching these unapologetic poses.

Nice ass anticipation there...

I think this was the first time I noticed smears too and they work perfectly here.

Here's a nice jump cut to the mailbox in a different position. Clampett's camera angles add a lot of dynamic tension to his cartoons.

Another bold jump cut

Watch the full video.